Boletus risotto, 17

Authentic Traditional Spaghetti
Carbonara with egg, guanciale, parmesan
and black pepper, 13

Noodles with spring garlic, cherry tomatoes and prawns, 12

Homemade gnocchi with pesto and crispy mini mozzarella, 14

Pad Thai chicken or prawns, 16

Pappardelle bolognese, 13

Homemade ravioli stuffed with black truffle with parmesan cloud and shimenji mushrooms, 23

Wok of vegetables and
rice oriental style, 13

Spaghetti Fruits of the Sea
in seashell, 23


Bolognese Nest, 8

Low temperature turkey
breast medallion, 10

Crispy chicken balls, 8

Hake with lemon mayonnaise, 11

Ham, cheese and mushroom
quesadilla, 9

Mini ham pizza, 8

Milanese chicken and french fries, 8


Cod pil-pil, the authentic, 20

Reconstructed marinated sea bass, 19

Baked wild turbot with
baked potatoes, 24

Grilled national squid with seasonal
vegetables and potato confit, 23


Scrambled eggs with potatoes, truffle and foie, 17

Andalusian style squid with citrus mayonnaise, 18

100% homemade Chef
croquettes, 13

Red tuna tartare, mango, avocado, wakame seaweed and seaweed bread, 21

Table of Cecina de León, 17

Carpaccio of beef tenderloin with grapefruit, arugula and Parmesan, 18

Red prawn cooked with garlic in a cast iron casserole, 23

Manchego cheese bites, 15

Nachos with guacamole, homemade cheddar cream, pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapeños, 13

Focaccia with escalivada
vegetables, mozzarella and pesto, 14

Authentic fried potatoes,
the real ones, 9


Goat cheese salad, apple, peanut
crocanti and balsamic vinaigrette, 14

Salad of crostes with ventresca, blue tomato, black garlic and shallots, 11

Tricolor with blue, green and cherry tomatoes with authentic Burrata, 19

Fresh avocado salad with pickled onion and mango vinaigrette, 16

Crispy chicken salad with a variety of lettuces, grated goat cheese and berries, 15


Whole chicken breast
at low temperatura, 14

Crispy suckling pig at low temperature
with potato confit, 23

Viennese chicken escalope, 13

Suckling lamb shoulder
roasted in its juice, 25

Slices of Carved Iberian Secreto with al dente vegetables and orange balsamic vinegar, 23

Lamb chops with garnish, 22

Beef tenderloin, 26

Entrail hamburger in muffin with mesclun, pickled onion, cheddar cream, tomato and quail egg, 16

Grilled old beef loin, 24

Stone-grilled beef steak, 28

T-bone steak matured on the gas stove (for 2), ppp 32

Tomahawk (for 2), ppp 38



Ibicenca with sobrasada, goat cheese, honey and caramelized onion, 13

Guanciale. italian bacon, 13

Ventresca with black olive, onion and smoked oil, 14

Pesto, cherrys and
mini mozzarellas, 13

Tartuffo and mushrooms, 14

Mini vegetables, 11

Massaman curry chicken roll, 11


Margarita, 9

Prosciutto. Ham, 10

Frascati. Ham and mushrooms, 11

Tropical with ham, corn and pineapple, 11

Piedmontese Salami, bacon and mushrooms, 11

4 cheeses, 11

North. Cecina, arugula and balsamic reduction, 13

4 seasons. Chicken, ham, salami, green pepper and mushrooms, 12


Tiramisú, 7

Cheesecake with blueberry
coulis, 7

Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream from Madagascar, 7

Tiramisú de dulce de leche, 7

Strudell, 7

Assorted Strawberry, Ferrero Rocher and Lime Creams, 7

Graixonera, 7